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Industry 4.0 – The Factory of the Future

What is Industry 4.0? In recent years technological innovation has given us access to products that previous generations would’ve considered impossible fantasies. Computers, smart phones, GPS, the internet, and streaming online media are all recent technological breakthroughs made possible through advances in the digital sphere. Now, technological innovation is making its way to the factory […]

The Definitive Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Overview of Contract Manufacturing Contract manufacturing, otherwise known as outsourcing, has become an ever-more increasing trend worldwide as companies look to become more competitive in a new global economy. According to a recent survey by Micro Sourcing, 57% of companies in the United States increased their use of outsourcing, while 34% significantly restructured outsourcing agreements […]

3D Printing and The Digital Supply Chain

What is The Digital Supply Chain Supply chain management is the process by which firms control, plan, and organize the flow of materials, information, and resources. Many supply chains are still filled with manual processes that lack visibility on products in the supply network. Coordination between factory cells and separate nodes in the supply chain […]

Improve Quality, Cost, & Flow Time with Contract 3D Printing

There are a variety of factors to consider when evaluating a make/buy decision.  These factors can include the strategic importance of the work, core competencies in the supply chain, capacity constraints, and cost.  Companies should rarely use contract manufacturing if the work in question is of high strategic importance.  Exceptions could be made if the […]

The Advantages of 3D Printing

3D Printing continues to make waves in the manufacturing sector due to its unique capabilities.  Other conventional fabrication methods such as machining, injection molding, casting, and forming each have many constraints that manufacturers have been working around for decades; however, many of these limitations are simply not applicable to 3D printing.  The layer by layer […]

The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing

Manufacturing can broadly be defined as any process that takes raw material or component inputs, and through processing those inputs, produces a finished product that can be sold to a customer.  It is a broad field that covers many domains; everything that we can see that is not a naturally generated element has been manufactured.  […]

The Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Management

What is Supply Chain Management? Supply chain management can be defined as a set of activities relating to the planning and control of all procurement, manufacturing, and logistical operations required to turn raw materials into finished products. It involves the flow of materials, information, and money and is critical for any company hoping to deliver […]

What is 3D Printing? The Ultimate Guide

What is 3D Printing? 3D Printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing, is a group of technologies that utilize the concept of “adding” consecutive layers of material until a fully formed, 3D product is created.  There are a number of methods, materials, and applications surrounding 3D printing and we have created the ultimate guide to help […]

Running a Leaner Operation with 3D Printing

Inventory management is a critical function for all businesses. Whether it be raw material, work in process, finished goods or non-stock items that are required for the business to run its operations (computers, office supplies, etc.), it not desirable to have too much or too little of what you need to run your business. In […]

3D Printing Can Revolutionize Supply Chain Management

  As with most of today’s systems and technology, the current supply chain architecture may soon be a thing of the past. Current supply networks utilize low-cost countries to improve the efficiencies in their production operations, however, these practices have necessitated long, complex global logistics networks with many levels of suppliers. This architecture is costly […]