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The Case for 3D Printed Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are critical tooling items in countless production systems. They allow for higher output levels and more repeatable first-time quality, all while lessening the amount of labor hours required to complete a task. The main drawback to jigs and fixtures is the cost for the initial fabrication and the lead time to receive […]

3D Printing vs Injection Molding Manufacturing Process

Plastic is a material used worldwide in a wide range of applications and products from medical to consumer products to aerospace. All these products must be manufactured in an efficient way to bring value to the end user. The most widely used manufacturing methods for plastic products are injection molding and additive manufacturing, otherwise known […]

Getting Started With Small Batch Production

There are three main types of production flows: continuous flow, batch production, and job production. Continuous flow is utilized to efficiently produce high volumes of identical units like gasoline and cars. Job production is used to create a single unique product every time with an example being a house or an aircraft carrier. Batch production […]

Improve Quality, Cost, & Flow Time with Contract 3D Printing

There are a variety of factors to consider when evaluating a make/buy decision.  These factors can include the strategic importance of the work, core competencies in the supply chain, capacity constraints, and cost.  Companies should rarely use contract manufacturing if the work in question is of high strategic importance.  Exceptions could be made if the […]

How Strong Are 3D Printed Parts?

How Strong Are 3D Printed Parts? 3D Printing as a manufacturing method is still relatively new. Most applications since the birth of 3D printing in the 1980s have been centered around prototyping. However, with recent improvements in materials, machines, processes, and standards, 3D printed parts are being used ever more frequently in functional and end-use […]

Carbon Fiber: The Strongest 3D Printing Material

Manufacturing with High Strength 3D Printing Materials Many functional applications require components with high strength, stiffness and heat resistance. Although 3D printing materials differ greatly in their mechanical and thermal properties, carbon fiber reinforced filament provides superior strength, toughness and heat resistance to standard thermoplastic materials such as ABS. The combination of high performing thermoplastics […]

The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing

Manufacturing can broadly be defined as any process that takes raw material or component inputs, and through processing those inputs, produces a finished product that can be sold to a customer.  It is a broad field that covers many domains; everything that we can see that is not a naturally generated element has been manufactured.  […]