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How To Get CAD Models For 3D Printing

CAD models are critical to the 3D printing workflow, as without a CAD model it is impossible to 3D print products. The CAD model is the outcome of designers working within a CAD modelling software program to create products. Dimensions, features and component relationships are specified all within the CAD program. The user interfaces can […]

Top 7 CAD Modelling Software Programs

We explored some of the best free CAD software for beginners in a previous post, but now we are going to look at some of the top professional CAD software programs. These programs have powerful capabilities and are used for product design by professional engineers and artists around the world. They provide the best capabilities […]

Top 15 Free CAD Programs for Beginners

What is CAD? CAD, or computer-aided design, is the use of a computer to create digital 3D objects. These objects can be used for products, games, architecture, civil engineering, factories, and countless other applications. With CAD, digital objects can be created, modified, analyzed, rendered, simulated, and optimized before any resources need even be invested in […]

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing Overview Design for manufacturing (DFM) requires coordination between design engineering and manufacturing engineering to ensure product designs can be efficiently manufactured. The designs need to have achievable parameters and features that aren’t too intricate or detailed to make. This creates several constraints when designing products as designers cannot simply create whichever shape […]

The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping

One of the most critical aspects of the new product development process is testing assumptions and proving that the design meets the requirements in a real-world setting.  Prototyping allows stakeholders and users the opportunity to try out new products and provide feedback for the integrated product team to incorporate into future product designs.  It is […]

Creating New Products With 3D CAD Design

What is CAD Design? CAD, or computer aided design, is an automated process to create, analyze, and optimize product designs.  The creation of almost all products, buildings, and streets is done through CAD design software due to its ability to provide superior productivity, quality, documentation, and manufacturability.  Through engineering knowledge and mastery of the CAD […]

The Definitive Guide to New Product Development

Why Do Businesses Engage in New Product Development? Introducing new products is costly and risky; a failed new product launch can lead to massive losses and can even put a company out of business.  If a company already has a cash cow, then why risk it?  The answer, of course, is that businesses must constantly […]

The Ultimate Guide to Product Design

What is Product Design? Product Design is a process by which new products are formulated, designed, tested, manufactured and introduced into the marketplace. It combines art, technology and science to create something that solves consumers’ problems in a meaningful way. Some products require a certain aesthetic, whereas others simply need to perform their required function […]