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Improving Spare Parts Management with 3D Printing

Challenges of Spare Parts Management Aftermarket spares management presents many supply chain management challenges, including forecasting, delivery speed, and managing holding costs. Customers expect a certain level of post-purchase service when issues arise and there are large industries devoting to servicing these aftermarket needs for industries like aerospace, automotive and home appliances. Forecasting Unlike production […]

The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing

Manufacturing can broadly be defined as any process that takes raw material or component inputs, and through processing those inputs, produces a finished product that can be sold to a customer.  It is a broad field that covers many domains; everything that we can see that is not a naturally generated element has been manufactured.  […]

The Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Management

What is Supply Chain Management? Supply chain management can be defined as a set of activities relating to the planning and control of all procurement, manufacturing, and logistical operations required to turn raw materials into finished products. It involves the flow of materials, information, and money and is critical for any company hoping to deliver […]