Surface Finishing

Why Surface Finishing?

ZABFAB currently offers two surface finishing options: Sanding and coating. Surface finishing allows you to achieve a beautifully smooth finish on your products and finish out the small ridges on the plastic parts when they come off the printer. Due to the layer-by-layer additive process that parts are made by, 3D printed plastic parts have small layer lines that are visible when observed up close. Surface finishing can allow you to remove these ridge lines to give the part a nice smooth finish and fill in any gaps.



Sanding is a subtractive process whereby, any excess material is cleaned up and layer lines are hidden. ZABFAB uses a multiple stage process of different grit levels progressing from a rough grit to a smoother grit. This ensures an exceptional surface quality of the product so that the part is ready for any secondary post-processing operations (primer, paint, etc.).


Coating is an additive process whereby any remaining gaps or inconsistencies are filled in creating a nice, smooth, even surface. ZABFAB also applies coating in multiple layers to produce plastic parts with an exceptional aesthetic quality.

Due to the increase in processing steps and labor required, surface finishing will require a longer lead time and an increased cost. Interested in surface finishing for any plastic parts you’re designing? Get a quote!

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Normal Infill is Between 15-20%