Rapid Prototyping

multiple product iterations with rapid prototyping
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Rapid Prototyping

Reduce Product Development Time

More Product Iterations

Get It Fast

From Design Concept to Physical Product in Days

A major advantage of 3D Printing with ZABFAB is the ability to use rapid prototyping to go from idea, 3D design, to manufactured physical product in a matter of days. This dramatically reduces the product life-cycle time and allows you to get your new product in your hands as soon as possible. Rather than taking weeks to months between product iterations in the product development cycle, ZABFAB can produce each product iteration and ship it to you within a matter of days. 3D printed prototypes can provide critical feedback on the product design before you start investing in inventory to sell to customers.

Accelerate The New Product Development Process

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing allows you test different product design iterations without the large capital investments in tooling, inventory and other setup charges that can weigh down the ROI of your project. With 3D printing, you can run a leaner operation starting from the product development cycle and into small batch production. Product development is a difficult process with many twists and turns and dead ends to learn from. The more prototyping that can be done, the more data you can have to make the best decisions.  Whether it be the product design, material choice, or marketing decisions, more product testing will provide more feedback on how a product will perform in the market. Fit checks, destructive testing, and customer feedback are all critical data points that must be uncovered in the new product development process through prototyping. Get a quote from ZABFAB on your next prototype and have it in your hands within days!

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