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3D Modeling and Design Optimization

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Turn Ideas into Physical Products

Here at ZABFAB, we are the experts at optimizing product designs for 3D Printing. 3D Printing affords the opportunity to create designs that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture with traditional methods. Whatever your design or idea is, ZABFAB can help you optimize it for 3D printing. Whether you have a 3D Model, a fully dimensioned drawing, or just a sketch on a napkin, we can help with your new product development process to take advantage of all the capabilities of 3D printing and ensure that you receive a high-quality product.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Simply taking a CAD file of a product designed for machining or injection molding and trying to 3D print it is not likely to yield the best outcome.  3D printing has some very unique capabilities and constraints that require a design for 3D printing mindset from the very beginning in order to produce the best possible products.  Complex geometries and mass customization are two of the main benefits of the increased design freedom that 3D printing affords.  However, buildup of residual stress is one of the biggest concerns during the printing process, as it can cause warping and a loss of dimensional accuracy.  This can be mitigated by proper product designs that allows for even cooling, as well as optimal machine parameters.  Find out how ZABFAB can help you design your product for 3D printing.

Generative Design and Topology Optimization

Generative design is the use of software to build parts that mimic shapes and structures found in nature. The designer inputs a set of parameters, which could include: loads, boundaries, constraints, materials, etc. and the software generates a selection of optimal solutions. The advantage is a stronger part, designed for a specific application, that uses less material and therefore less weight. The result, due to savings in material and weight, is a part that costs less to manufacture and use during operation. Contact ZABFAB to see how generative technology can improve your design.

Design with ZABFAB

If you have an idea for a new, innovative product, get in contact with our design team at ZABFAB and turn it into a reality. ZABFAB can collaborate with you to create an incredible design that is optimal for manufacturing at the scale that you require, so you can quickly get your product to market.

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