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Looking to bring your next innovative product to market? ZABFAB's contract manufacturing service can help you make it happen. From prototyping to on-demand manufacturing, we can provide production capacity as you scale your business and your next game changing new product. Because 3D printing does not require tooling and only minimal setup time, we can offer cost-efficient low volume contract manufacturing services as you scale to higher volumes throughout the product life-cycle. No minimum order quantities allows you to buy exactly what you need, when you need it. We offer several engineering grade thermoplastics and composite 3D printing materials.  Check out our guide to 3D printing materials to learn more.

Additive manufacturing production for drone frames

What Can AM Do For You?

Complex Geometries

Low Setup Costs

Less Material Waste

Increased Product Customization

Engine block created using ZABFAB’s 3D printing services

The benefits of 3D printing include:

Economically producing low volume orders allows businesses to offer more customization options to its customers. Products can be personalized to the unique preferences and tastes of each individual consumer. This level of customization has not been possible to do economically through traditional manufacturing methods, however, 3D printing is rapidly changing the ways business are able to service their customers.

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