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Improve Quality, Cost, & Flow Time with Contract 3D Printing

There are a variety of factors to consider when evaluating a make/buy decision.  These factors can include the strategic importance of the work, core competencies in the supply chain, capacity constraints, and cost.  Companies should rarely use contract manufacturing if the work in question is of high strategic importance.  Exceptions could be made if the […]

5 Reason You Should Be Using Carbon Fiber 3D Printed Parts

Carbon Fiber is a premium composite 3D printing material that has impressive mechanical and thermal properties.  These physical properties combined with the increased design freedom that 3D printing offers makes carbon fiber an excellent choice for many functional and end-use applications.  We have broken down the 5 most important reasons that you should be using […]

How Strong Are 3D Printed Parts?

How Strong Are 3D Printed Parts? 3D Printing as a manufacturing method is still relatively new. Most applications since the birth of 3D printing in the 1980s have been centered around prototyping. However, with recent improvements in materials, machines, processes, and standards, 3D printed parts are being used ever more frequently in functional and end-use […]

Carbon Fiber: The Strongest 3D Printing Material

Manufacturing with High Strength 3D Printing Materials Many functional applications require components with high strength, stiffness and heat resistance. Although 3D printing materials differ greatly in their mechanical and thermal properties, carbon fiber reinforced filament provides superior strength, toughness and heat resistance to standard thermoplastic materials such as ABS. The combination of high performing thermoplastics […]

Mass Customization With 3D Printing

Mass Customization With 3D Printing Mass customization combines the low unit costs of mass production with the product uniqueness that job production offers. In the days of Henry Ford, mass customization meant allowing a customer to chose a car in whichever color they wanted.. as long it was black. Since Ford’s time, industry has advanced […]

The Advantages of 3D Printing

3D Printing continues to make waves in the manufacturing sector due to its unique capabilities.  Other conventional fabrication methods such as machining, injection molding, casting, and forming each have many constraints that manufacturers have been working around for decades; however, many of these limitations are simply not applicable to 3D printing.  The layer by layer […]

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing Overview Design for manufacturing (DFM) requires coordination between design engineering and manufacturing engineering to ensure product designs can be efficiently manufactured. The designs need to have achievable parameters and features that aren’t too intricate or detailed to make. This creates several constraints when designing products as designers cannot simply create whichever shape […]

The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping

One of the most critical aspects of the new product development process is testing assumptions and proving that the design meets the requirements in a real-world setting.  Prototyping allows stakeholders and users the opportunity to try out new products and provide feedback for the integrated product team to incorporate into future product designs.  It is […]

Creating New Products With 3D CAD Design

What is CAD Design? CAD, or computer aided design, is an automated process to create, analyze, and optimize product designs.  The creation of almost all products, buildings, and streets is done through CAD design software due to its ability to provide superior productivity, quality, documentation, and manufacturability.  Through engineering knowledge and mastery of the CAD […]