Author: ZABFAB Staff

Creating Custom Marketing Materials with 3D Printing

Why Are Custom Marketing Materials Important? Promotional marketing materials for your business are critical in any sales & marketing strategy. Effective marketing collateral helps drive awareness of your company and your brand at promotional events in a meaningful and memorable way. Marketing materials should entice potential customers to engage with you, while also quickly and […]

Polycarbonate 3D Printing

What is Polycarbonate? Polycarbonate (PC) is a high-performance thermoplastic material with high impact strength and heat resistance. PC is very resistant to breaking or cracking when bent or put under stress, which is why it is one of the most common industrial thermoplastics on the market. Its ability to undergo high plastic deformation without cracking […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contract Manufacturing

What is Contract Manufacturing? Contract manufacturing enables companies to offload part of their operations to an external vendor that can provide superior quality, cost, capacity, expertise, and/or lead time. This could include design, fabrication, or assembly. A customer will typically request an estimate and the contract manufacturer will provide a quote based on the estimated […]

Industry 4.0 – The Factory of the Future

What is Industry 4.0? In recent years technological innovation has given us access to products that previous generations would’ve considered impossible fantasies. Computers, smart phones, GPS, the internet, and streaming online media are all recent technological breakthroughs made possible through advances in the digital sphere. Now, technological innovation is making its way to the factory […]

The Definitive Guide to Contract Manufacturing

Overview of Contract Manufacturing Contract manufacturing, otherwise known as outsourcing, has become an ever-more increasing trend worldwide as companies look to become more competitive in a new global economy. According to a recent survey by Micro Sourcing, 57% of companies in the United States increased their use of outsourcing, while 34% significantly restructured outsourcing agreements […]

The Case for 3D Printed Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are critical tooling items in countless production systems. They allow for higher output levels and more repeatable first-time quality, all while lessening the amount of labor hours required to complete a task. The main drawback to jigs and fixtures is the cost for the initial fabrication and the lead time to receive […]

3D Printing and The Digital Supply Chain

What is The Digital Supply Chain Supply chain management is the process by which firms control, plan, and organize the flow of materials, information, and resources. Many supply chains are still filled with manual processes that lack visibility on products in the supply network. Coordination between factory cells and separate nodes in the supply chain […]

Improving Spare Parts Management with 3D Printing

Challenges of Spare Parts Management Aftermarket spares management presents many supply chain management challenges, including forecasting, delivery speed, and managing holding costs. Customers expect a certain level of post-purchase service when issues arise and there are large industries devoting to servicing these aftermarket needs for industries like aerospace, automotive and home appliances. Forecasting Unlike production […]