Creating Custom Marketing Materials with 3D Printing

Why Are Custom Marketing Materials Important?

Promotional marketing materials for your business are critical in any sales & marketing strategy. Effective marketing collateral helps drive awareness of your company and your brand at promotional events in a meaningful and memorable way. Marketing materials should entice potential customers to engage with you, while also quickly and accurately informing the potential customers about your business. A unique and customized message is critical when attempting to create a lasting impression as consumers are constantly being bombarded with offers for products and services. This makes creating effective customized marketing materials essential for your business to stand above the competition and drive more customer interest and sales.

Oftentimes, 2D conventional printing services are utilized for marketing materials, however, 3D printing can offer some unique capabilities that exceed that of conventional 2D marketing materials. 3D printing can create high-quality physical objects rapidly and cost effectively that can create lasting impressions with customers.

Where Can Business Marketing Materials be Used?

There are several channels that are commonly used by businesses to meet new potential customers, two of the most common being trade shows and networking events.

Bringing effective marketing collateral to a trade show is critical to drive awareness and engagement to your booth. Trade shows often have hundreds of booths and standing out from the crowd can be a challenge in and of itself. A customized 3D printed item with your brand could do just the trick to catch the eye of foot traffic at the event. Likewise, networking events are also common channels for reaching new business. Sponsoring an event for a group or offering a 3D printed product as a branded giveaway could also create a lasting impression with your potential customers.

Custom marketing materials are also heavily utilized during sales pitches as they allow the customer to fully understand what your capabilities are and how you can help them. Conventional presentation materials such powerpoints, pamphlets, and line cards may have their place in the pitch but may not drive the same level of engagement that an actual physical representation could. 3D printed products have an excellent “wow” factor as they allow the customer to touch and feel the product offering. A physical product can help better communicate your value proposition and create a lasting impression on the customer.

Custom 3D printed products also make great branding materials to display around the office. Clients and employees can feel the brand as they walk through the building. Displays, logos, slogans, and product concept models are all great office décor options, while also adding to your company’s array of marketing materials.

Advantages of 3D printed Marketing Materials


3D printing can create customized marketing materials in a matter of hours. Rather than waiting on tooling or other setup delays, 3D printed marketing materials can be produced on-demand in low to medium sized volumes. Conventional marketing materials require bulk purchases, while 3D printing can allow you to experiment with different branding ideas to understand which marketing materials resonate the best with your customers.


One of the major advantages of 3D printing is the ease with which products can be customized to their exact need. Products can seamlessly be customized for a specific event or promotion, driving further engagement with potential customers.

Easy to Change

Want to quickly tweak the design or slogan on your custom marketing materials? With 3D printing it is as easy as making the update on the CAD design and hitting print. Multiple iterations of custom marketing materials can be tested with customer segments to determine which items are the most effective at driving the most engagements at your live events.

Ready to Get Started with Creating Your Custom Marketing Materials?

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