21 of the Wildest 3D Printing Applications

1. Prosthesis

3D printed prosthesis can have a real impact on amputee patients by lowering the cost to obtain one, radically changing the lives of amputees all around the world.

2. Shoes

Shoe companies typically must make the sole of the shoe out of multiple materials, which are then bonded together to allow for the proper cushion and firmness on different parts of the foot. With 3D printing, companies can manufacture shoe soles in a single step, eliminating assembly costs and creating a shoe that contours better to a customer’s foot.

3. Aircraft Parts

Additive manufacturing machines are currently being used to make aircraft tooling and even end-use “fly away” parts for planes.

4. Home Decor

3D printed home décor allows for one of a kind designs and artwork, customized to the shape, style or theme desired.

5. Automobile Parts

It is not just aircraft manufacturers that are utilizing 3D printing. Auto companies are also exploring with AM to make parts lighter, stronger, and more cost effective.

6. Drone Frames

High performance 3D printing materials are now being used to create custom drone frames that can withstand the impacts and environmental elements that are required of outdoor drones.

7. Tools

Need a new tool set? High performance 3D printing materials are great for making a quick set of tools to keep you nice and handy.

8. Outdoor

UV, chemical and water-resistant materials such as ASA are great for customized outdoor décor. Make your outdoor areas beautiful and unique with 3D printed planters.

9. Custom Organizers

Have too many items on your desk without a good way to keep things organized? With 3D printing, custom organizers can give all your important items a place to be.

10. Architecture

CAD models are great, but there is nothing like having a physical 3D model in front of you to help visualize the concept of a building prior to breaking ground. 3D printing gives architects access to fast prototyping for multiple building iterations.

11. Bike Parts

Ever needed a quick replacement bike part, but replacement parts supplies were no where to be found? 3D printing makes for an excellent aftermarket support service.

12. Dentistry

Dentistry is a field that requires, perhaps more than any industry, products that are completely personalized. 3D printing is uniquely suited to provide high volume so flow cost, personalized dental products for patients.

13. Musical Instruments

Want to own an Orchestra of instruments? Well, now that desire is easier than ever to fulfill with 3D printing!

14. Skateboard Parts

High strength, super durable carbon fiber reinforced 3D printing materials are now being used to manufacture skateboard parts such as the trucks and even the boards themselves!

15. Art

Endless possibilities await with 3D printing in Art. Intricate designs, not seen anywhere before. The wide spectrum of colors and materials especially makes art an enticing application.

16. Disability Assistance

Inaccessible areas to wheelchairs may soon be a thing of the past with the help of 3D printing. Portable wheel chair ramps provide a great deal of help for individuals in need quick and easy way to scale a small flight of stairs.

17. Jewelry

In an industry that especially covets uniqueness, additive techniques can provide ultra-small batches and a level of personalization that is costly and unobtainable through traditional methods.

18. Vinyl Records

Want to stock up on a collection of vinyl style albums? On demand vinyl style music is now a reality!

19. Surgery Rehearsals

Surgeons who perform rehearsals are more likely to have successful surgeries and 3D printing allows doctors to print a personalized 3D organ model to study and rehearse the exact procedure prior to even entering the operating room.

20. Furniture

Custom and unique, a perfect solution for those that desire a home unlike anyone else’s.

21. Film Industry

Spectacular features and props are being used in the film industry today that are entirely 3D printed. The available colors, post-processing options, materials, and design possibilities are enabling the creation of amazing films.

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